Advantage EMR Features - Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Advantage EMR Features
Advantage EMR is a fully integrated Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management system. Included in this package are our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Package, advanced billing system (BillingPro), Integrated Scheduling, Prescriptions, Reporting and a host of additional features. As a patient- and practice-centric system, Advantage EMR is centered on your patients. Click on each feature for a complete description:
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) 

  Create complete and compliant SOAP notes in under a minute using our flexible template approach!.

  Physicians can use point-and-click, selection lists and optional voice recognition technology to record information.

  Reuse existing information, such as allergy, background etc. from previous appointments.

  Timesaving default settings can be used to further streamline SOAP note creation.

  Our SOAP note information and format often allows physicians to charge for level 4 visits, generating additional practice revenue.

  Labs, Consults, Radiology and other information from outside sources can be easily integrated into a patientís file.

  Our integration components allow for direct electronic delivery of test results from the leading testing facilities.

  Faxed records can easily be integrated and paper records can be scanned and attached to patient records.

  All records are available to several people simultaneously, and can be securely viewed from remote locations.

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